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First day of (public) school

Years ago when our three younger children were little, my wife and I decided that we'd homeschool them. Our oldest was already in public school and we decided to keep him there through high school. That worked out well for him.

My wife took on the primary role for homeschooling the three younger ones. For several years, it has been a season of trials, quite honestly, and for a number of different reasons. The next oldest child is now at the age of a graduated high school senior; the next child would now be considered a high school sophomore although still homeschooled; and the youngest is freshman age.

For our youngest, we decided to try to get him into public school so that he could complete all four years of high school at a public school. This meant a lot of paperwork had to be filled out, birth certificates requested (our two younger ones were born in a different state, and we hadn't requested their birth certificates before), a physical exam, and arranging for him to take…

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