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No love for selfies

Even the word itself makes me cringe: I have no love for “selfies.” In fact, generally, I don’t enjoy having my photo taken at all. The concept is not new, of course, but the word has been adopted only somewhat recently. I find it tragic and ironic that hundreds of people die every year while attempting to take selfies. And don’t get me started on that whole selfie stick thing. Ugh.

It is therefore also ironic that this post shares a recent self portrait, taken as an experiment on my iPhone. Earlier this week, I read about a new set of filters for the iPhone camera that only become functional when taking a photo in the Messages app. (Why only put it there? Dumb. But, I digress.)

These new filters include Comic Book, Ink, Watercolor, and other variations. I’m not a big fan of filters and do not use them very much normally, but thought the result for this photo was interesting.

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