Marriage, before and after

I thought up the following as a humorous thought piece on marriage, before and after.

LonelyQuiet, alone time is very precious
Thought nothing of spending $35 on a haircut (or more, sometimes, and this was 15 years ago!)My wife cuts my hair
Spent $150 (again, 15 years ago) on a pair of shoesFeel guilty if I spend over $40 on a pair of shoes
Shopping at ALDI? No way!ALDI is a primary source of our groceries
Sharing a cup, or food, with another person was incredibly grossThink nothing of sharing kids half-eaten food or drinking from wife's or kids' cup
Living space was kept neat and tidy(Still) getting used to constant, unending mess
SelfishStill selfish, but learning to be more selfless
Never considered shopping at GoodWillMost of my clothes are bought at GoodWill
Sales? Bargains? Pshaw! Buy what I wantHardly anything is purchased unless it's at a discount
Regularly ironed my shirts and pantsCan't remember the last time I used an iron

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